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Dejhare Reveals Epic EDM Pop Songs On ‘Plead The Fifth’ EP — LISTEN



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Prepare for some epicness with these Dance-Pop songs by none other than Dejhare. She will keep you mesmerized. Thanks to the 5-track EP ‘Plead The Fifth’ that she released this week. In like manner, it’s easy to get lost in such unique vocals.

Turn the volume up and navigate through the complexities of the modern world. Notwithstanding, each song also spreads a positive message in pursuing the aim of empowering you. Leading with a comprehensive and dense concept, this material is worthy of your ears’ attention.

For instance, she tackles social issues like discrimination in “Perception” and “Not Alone.” Other tunes that deserve to be played on loop are “Take Five” and “Plead The Fifth,” which make you feel hopeful about life. While “Skeletons,” is Dejhare’s most energetic composition ever intending to set the party going.

If something is not feeling right, just stream in full the ‘Plead The Fifth’ EP to brighten your day.

Clearly, Dejhare is channeling fresh melodies around Dance-Pop songs as her predecessor project, ‘D7. Plus, the storytelling nature of her lyrics is a quite remarkable aspect. Amidst the global pandemic, this release kicks in as a perfect fit to recover from the vulnerabilities still affecting the whole society.

In a word, Dejhare’s talent is unmatched, as evident on Electro Wow’s list of the best songs of 2020.



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