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Delving Into The Debut Single: Evanthia Talks “The Deep End”



Meet Evanthia, a talented artist all the way from Nashville, Tennessee. She’s honed her artistic skills by taking classes in dance, acting, and singing. And guess what? She’s now gearing up to make a splash in the music industry with her very first single, “The Deep End. Want to know more? Check out this exclusive interview!

1 — What message do you hope to convey with your debut single “The Deep End”?

That it’s okay to fall in love and to express your feelings. I feel that people try to hide their emotions behind their phones more so now than before. Also, if they don’t feel that love, it’s ok to walk away.

2 — How do you believe the lyrics and overall composition of this song resonate with listeners who identify as hopeless romantics?

I believe that they can find a way to feel heard through the song and feel not alone. Sometimes, you just can’t control when you fall in love or who you fall in love with. One of the lines in the song says, “Meet me in the middle, baby let me know,” maybe listening to the lyrics will help the listener find closure too.

3  Your vocal performance in “The Deep End” showcases impressive range and control. How do you prepare your voice to deliver such captivating results?

Thank you! I prepare my voice by doing vocal warmups about thirty minutes before, I use a vocal mist and drink a lot of water. Also, every week I have vocal lessons and work on the song I am recording to make sure I feel the most confident.

4 — How did the collaboration with renowned songwriters Wyatt Durette and Tyler Filmore come about?

I got connected to Wyatt and Filmore through a mutual friend. I love working with Wyatt and Filmore and I can’t wait to share the other songs we have done together. Some of my songwriters are with writers I met through friends. You never know who you are going to collaborate with next and I find that exciting.

5 — What do you think are the unique qualities that contemporary Pop and Country bring to your music when combined?

I feel that my music is Country but sprinkled with a little Pop. When I combine the two, personally, I really hear it in the harmonies. They are tucked in the music when listening but add such a cool flare to the songs.

6 — Did you receive any formal training as a singer or is it a natural talent?

I did receive formal training. When I was little I could definitely hold a note but I wouldn’t be where I am today without all of my vocal coaches. They really helped me learn my voice and understand the instrument in my body.

7 — With your noteworthy social media following of nearly 800,000, how have you harnessed the power of these platforms to exhibit your art?

Honestly, it has been so much fun and exciting! It took a lot of strategizing and creativity to think of how I wanted to share my song on my socials. For so long I have wanted to share my music, and when I released The Deep End I was so excited to share a part of my story.

8 — Being recognized by industry professionals like Grammy Award-winning producer Tony Brown is quite an accomplishment. How does it feel to receive praise for your songwriting abilities?

I am so thankful to have Tony Brown as a part of my team. He has been such a great friend and mentor. I definitely was very happy and proud of myself when he complimented my music but spending time with him and him giving me advice means way more than that.

9 — When you’re taking a break from crafting music, how do you like to spend your time in activities that bring you pleasure?

When I am taking a break from making music, I love to go on hikes, take a boxing class, paint, or even horseback ride. My favorite though is when I spend time with my family.



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