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DeMute Unveils Beautiful Chill Melodies To Listen To After A Breakup



chill melodies produced by Demute
“The Door”
by DeMute is a beautiful song that evokes memories and brings back nostalgic times instantly. In some way, the chill melodies become the best companion to examine the past. If I’m not mistaken, “The Door” talks about someone who wants to repair a broken relationship. Essentially, lyrics offer vivid imagery and strong emotions, which is enough to capture your ear.

This time the British talent who is also known for producing EDM gems intertwines chill melodies with Pop. Magically, here the piano keys put listeners in a trance. What’s more, the vocalist conveys the message of a wounded heart that yearns to be back with his lover. If you’re actually going through the ups and downs of a breakup, “The Door” will be so relatable on many levels. Stream it below via Spotify.

Learn More About DeMute

– Location

– What are you known for?
Fusing EDM, House, Chill-House, and Pop.

– Have you collaborated with a popular producer or artist?
Yes, TaySounds (

– Have you received coverage in local or international media?
As a DJ, I was featured on Pulse Radio.

– How much experience or expertise do you have in music?
Over 10 years of experience.

– Studies?
My father was a professional musician and use to play in the famous Cavern where the Beetles played.

– Music Influences, genre
Anything EDM but love listening to Funk D’Void.

– Aspirations or hopes
My mission is to release great music that people enjoy.

– Achievements or awards, accomplishments
Ghost collaborated with a few artists that became hits.

– Other interesting details about your life and personality 
I live for music.

– Album release date
Coming soon.

– Record label or Indie
Zobe Records & Indie.



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Javen Jackson Shines On Contemporary RnB Single “ALL IN”



Javen Jackson
This offering marks Javen Jackson‘s continuous steps towards a more modern and contemporary RnB sound while betting on electronic synths. “ALL IN” offers an enthralling juxtaposition of emotions that revolve around love, money, and sex. When I say it’s a must-listen, I truly mean it.

The former college athlete from Pensacola, Florida showcases his captivating vocal dexterity that suits the slow-paced and chill vibes. Of course, this release was possible thanks to the joint effort with Lu Kang.

Besides that, I believe he owes some debt to Chris Brown, Sam Smith, and The Weeknd’s artistic vision, which translates into his cutting-edge innovation.

“ALL IN” is his first appetizer for his upcoming debut album to be released in February 2023. Take a listen below!

Undoubtedly, such a great tune illuminates his sparkling ascending talent. Also, you will love the way he delivers every lyric of his intimate narrative wrapped in passion.

Javen Jackson is able to convey his feelings through his voice as he pours his heart out with a lot of energy. In other words, this is enough proof that he’s no longer holding himself back from making the music he loves.

You can expect more relatable stories via his songs pretty soon. Just keep an eye on his socials for more updates.



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Pachanta Releases Spanglish Cover Of Roxette’s Most Popular Hit



spanglish cover roxette

One of the most exciting duos currently coming out of Germany, Pachanta just released the first-ever Spanglish cover of Roxette’s “It Must Have Been Love.” 

You’re about to hear a mind-blowing reinterpretation that is 180 degrees different from the popular 1987 hit. Starting with the Spanish lyrics which positively represent a break from the norm, while keeping the emotional side of the original version intact.

Furthermore, night turns into the perfect scenario for the music video, in which pure romance is in the air.

Together both artists complement their talents inside out.

So, I wonder what’s the point of being completely enamored of someone if you don’t sing “It Must Have Been Love” out loud?

➤ Download/Stream

spanglish cover roxette

No doubt, these guys offer a fascinating new slice of Pop filled with contemporary arrangements and spicy Latin music. That is not to forget Pachanta is driven by passion which is the secret ingredient to this successful single.

On the other hand, Roxette’s Per Gessle approves this Spanglish cover, describing it as nice and authentic. Likewise, the song has already garnered much credibility via important music outlets.

“It Must Have Been Love” is a radio-friendly classic that never goes out of style. Nevertheless, bending genres and playing around with different aspects of it appears to be the right formula too.



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Vivi Hu Shares Animated Video For Lo-Fi/Bedroom Pop Single



Vivi Hu

Having been featured in All About Jazz, Sino Vision, Sino TV, and BronxNet TV, Vivi Hu now brings us a gentle tale and heartfelt reminder about the importance of staying true to oneself. This song paints a picture of how she found the confidence to be herself and make a difference, despite what others think. The lyrics are inspired by Vivi’s Chinese first name “雪薇(Xuewei), meaning “snow” and ”rose.”

The song talks about how she began to understand who she is, how to embrace herself and made a choice to be herself, regardless of other people’s opinions. To blossom wherever she is, even in the snow, even when people doubted her.

Vivi Hu
With beats reminiscent of Lo-Fi and Bedroom Pop, Hu brings us on a lyrical and sensually smooth journey through language and emotion. “Vivi, Hu?” is sure to be your next most played song as you stare out the window watching falling snow or rain and sipping on something warm and sweet.



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