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Denim Jeans Guide For That Perfect Gentleman Look



Denim Jeans Guide For That Perfect Gentleman Look
These days’ jeans are becoming very fashionable, even among women. There are denim skirts for women, which are classy and glamorous.

As a perfect gentleman, there are some clothes that you should own, and it should include a pair of jeans. You can stay trendy and still give that dapper look by choosing your denims carefully. Sometimes, wearing a crazy denim wouldn’t fit into that gentleman look but there are ways you can wear crazy jeans and still look polished and refined.

Here are some tips you would need to choose the perfect jeans for your wardrobe:


When buying your jeans, the brands you choose should be something you are conscious of. Don’t get me wrong; there are some unknown brands that sell quality jeans, but you can’t beat the fact that some brands have remained consistent with quality and style over time.

I would recommend you choose your brands wisely so you are not caught off guard. Denims like Levis, Calvin Klein, Wrangler, Diesel, Mavi, and Gap are just a few out of the many that have stood the test of time.

types of jeans
Types of Jeans

Raw Jeans

Raw jeans are denim in its purest form. Unwashed after being dyed during production, it is dark, stiff and very durable. It fades with wear in certain areas, creating a naturally distressed look over time. It also fades with washing. It is really good when you intend to go corporate with jeans.

Wax Coated Jeans

Coated denim is your basic denim jeans, typically in black, they are coated with pigment to give it a wax-like finish. Wax coated denim would suit a plain t-shirt when you just feel like bringing on that cool look. Make sure to wear a bright colored plain t-shirt to bring out your face the more.

Stretchy Jeans

Originally unique to the women’s domain, stretch versions of denim have become commonplace for men as well. It’s mostly about comfort, and when you need to wear skinnies, you can choose to wear a stretchy denim, it’s far more comfortable

Denim Styling

The fit

As with any garment of clothing, the fit is the most important factor. Ideally, you want a slim but non-restrictive cut, which flatters your body shape whilst allowing a decent range of movement.

Broadly, there are 5 different types of fit:
• Boot cut – a close fit with a slight flare towards the bottom
• Relaxed or wide fit – loose-fitting from waist to bottom
• Straight cut – neither tapered nor excessively loose
• Slim fit – tapered but not form fitting
• Skinny – tapered and form-fitting

The style

Putting your body shape and size into consideration when you choosing your denim can go a long way. If you are short, stay well away from baggy jeans. Heavier guys are advised to go for wide-leg, straight-leg or slightly boot-cut shapes, remember to always stay clear of tapered fit or skinny jeans. If you have an athletic built body, you may need to go for a wide-leg, but make sure they’re not too loose, you still want to draw attention to your toned body.

denim jeans men
Never Ever Do This!

As a gentleman, never ever wear jeans with a hectic print, it just wouldn’t fit that personality you intend to portray.

Denim jeans remain a versatile and stylish staple of every gentleman’s wardrobe. The keys to getting it right are fit – knowing your body shape and choosing accordingly and understanding the fabric.

Hi, my name is Erick Ycaza. I have a BA in Advertising & Graphic Design. This blog is to provide you with daily music news and share my personal style.

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