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Detroit Techno Legend Kevin Saunderson Top Five Classic Hits



Kevin Saunderson didn’t just invent Detroit Techno as part of the legendary Belleville Three with Juan Atkins and Derrick May. He also perfected the Techno hit, catapulting the seminal D-Town sound across the Atlantic and onto the dancefloors of Europe, where rave culture was about to explode in the late ’80s.

Saunderson’s Inner City outfit, featuring vocalist Paris Grey, was the biggest thing in dance music during its heyday. Classic singles like “Big Fun” and “Good Life” would hit the top spot on the U.S. dance chart while also becoming top-ten hits in the UK.

But the most remarkable thing about Saunderson and his fellow pioneers is that there was no precedent for what they were doing at the time. No formula for these massive hits that sparked a dancefloor frenzy around the world. If you are a Techno lover, then you’ll love to listen Kevin Saunderson’s top five classic hits below. . .

                                               1) Kreem – Triangle Of Love
2) Inner City – Big Fun
3) Inner City – Good Life
4) E-Dancer – Heavenly

5) Reese Project – The Colour of Love

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