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Digital Music Giant Aims To Keep DJs Organised



beatport proBeatport have released Beatport Pro, a new application that aims to provide an efficient, DJ-friendly solution for browsing and organising your digital music files. The free, and currently Mac only, app gives DJs access to the Beatport store, but also allows users to add deep metadata to their tracks and filter songs by their genre, bpm, key, mood or where they would fit in a set.

Beatport Pro will also sync your existing music library with the Beatport catalogue and automatically add data to your tracks. The application is set up to handle more than just full tracks too, providing sub-libraries for stems, mixes, loops, one-shots and more.

Any metadata you input can be used to help you discover music via the Beatport store too, making it easy to purchase tracks that match those in your collection. Possibly most interestingly of all, however, is the fact that the app supports integration with both Traktor, Serato and rekordbox, meaning that tracks, sounds and playlists can be added directly into these applications from Beatport Pro.

The software also syncs with iTunes, allowing playlists created within Beatport Pro to be pushed to iOS devices. Whether Beatport Pro has the capacity to make a big impact on the world of digital DJing remains to be seen, but we’re big advocates of the theory that the key to being a great DJ is efficient admin, so anything that aims to help us keep our tracks and sounds well organised gets a big thumbs up from Electro WOW.

Download it for free at

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