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Diplo Supports Topless Teacher



Carly McKinney "topless math teacher"Carly McKinney is a 23-year-old math teacher from Aurora, Colorado, who is now in trouble for photos she posted on her public Twitter account to  the famous Electro producer Diplo. The DJ in return, retweeted some of the images directed toward him.
Diplo often retweets females who tweet at him doing handstands with their back side in the air facing toward the viewer; its called #Expressyourself. The teacher certainly expressed herself in her version of the pose, given she had no top on and only a very seductive under garment. She also had some other very risqué images uploaded.
McKinney’s students don’t believe she should be punished because she did these actions outside of school. One student had said, “It’s a teacher that’s only five or six years older than our oldest students. So we kind of relate to her on a personal level.”

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