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Dirty Inc. Launch Kickstarter To Fund Their First Studio Album



Dirty Inc.
Talented electronic music duo Dirty Inc. have launched a Kickstarter crowdfunding campaign  to fund their first studio album.
Jay and Jon aka Dirty Inc. are truly talented artists who have worked 15 years producing electronic music in different styles:  Electro, Drum n Bass, Dubstep and Glitch Hop. They have also DJ’d out in places such as the UK, France, Slovenia, Greece and have had support from DJs around the world such as the USA, South Africa and the Netherlands. 
Honestly, I think these guys deserve our support, cos’ they have shown us their real talent through their productions! They have worked very hard, and I think it’s awesome to help others, specially, if they’re making cool electronic music for us!
The best part of this project are the amazing rewards, which give the backers the chance to have their voice sample on their CD album or to even DJ with them at the launch party in London.

Let’s make good karma, click on the link below, for more information ↓

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