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Discover A New Remix Of Moosh & Twist’s “All Of A Sudden” By Chapter



Moosh Twist
Charles Raiser aka Chapter is an independent beatmaker and songwriter open for collaborations. Hailing from Cambridge, England, he brings over 15 years of experience to the table with an awesome remix of “All Of A Sudden” by Moosh & Twist.

The up-and-coming artist continues to extend his love for UK Drill (a subgenre of British Rap) on SoundCloud. And this time he offers a sublime transformation of “All Of A Sudden” by taking his signature moody/chilled approach.

At first listening, it doesn’t feel complicated but it’s kind of effective. Of course, Chapter makes the rules, he has no need to follow them, that’s the reason why his dark-influenced beats appease a bit the transgressive nature of the original.

Headbanging is allowed at the touch of the play button!

With a degree in music technology, Chapter likes to push things as far as he can and experiment through Trap-like bass. Yet despite this, he can make everything and anything at his recording studio.

Clearly, the new remix of “All Of A Sudden” can seriously shake things up again like in 2017. Just take in mind, it’s still an underrated banger to date.

Anyway, even if it’s been released under a different sonic formula, its essence never fails to impress.

There’s loads of hot UK talent, some established and some new. Keep an eye on Chapter for more…



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