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Must-Listen: Disney Inspires Zachary Lee’s New Song “Once Upon A Time”



Zachary Lee
The magic of Disney has shaped the creative sensibility of singer-songwriter Zachary Lee on “Once Upon A Time. What if fairytales were real? Well, maybe your Prince Charming might actually exist, and this song will keep your illusions alive.

The Nashville-based artist reconnects with his inner child while writing “Once Upon A Time,” a cutting-edge Pop piece featuring enchanting rapid-fire rap verses. As a matter of fact, the first things that come to mind are movies like Snow White, Peter Pan, Frozen, among others.

Moreover, he also displays his talent for crafting upbeat, fresh, and vibrant melodies which accompany his message of hope. Particularly, it’s seasoned with a pinch of fantasy, encouraging listeners to believe in true love.

One listen to “Once Upon A Time” though will explain all.

Curiously enough, Zachary Lee joined a band alongside his sister at the age of 8. Little by little, he realized music was more than just a hobby.

It’s worth mentioning he shared the stage with important groups such as All American Rejects, Red Jumpsuit Apparatus, Fuel, Bowling For Soup, etc.

Bringing his years of experience to his own project is a dream come true that few are lucky to achieve. Additionally, he understands lyrical inventiveness and dynamism must be integral.

And not only so, but he injects a ton of high energy through powerful vocals over each release. Keep an eye out!



By Erick Ycaza

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