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DJ Dennis Ferrer Kicked Out of Club for Not Playing Commercial Music



A major injustice has been done to DJ star Dennis Ferrer. The famous producer of House music hits such as “Hey Hey” was wrongfully kicked off of the decks at Miami nightclub Mansion when he failed to play House music that the management deemed “commercial” enough. Ferrer has been a longtime Deep and Soulful House music purist; and naturally, he chose to stay true to his own personal style when he went on to play his set at Mansion because clubs book artists for their own unique styles, right? Apparently not at Mansion.

The House music advocate said in a tweet prior to his set that he planned to give the audience a lesson on the true essence of House music, a noble enough endeavor. After all, it seems like these days DJ sets seem to be overwhelmed with commercialized mainstream dance music hits such as Avicii’s “Levels”. Nothing against Avicii, of course, but as a longtime self-proclaimed EDM purist, I think it’s about time we get back to our roots and start practicing a little bit of originality. If artists keep sacrificing their own personal styles to feed the overeager and undereducated shallow EDM masses who are only interested in the trends, well, EDM will burn out just as quickly as it boomed into recent popularity in America.

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