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DJ Harlo Interview 2014



dj harlo

Jason Harlowe aka DJ Harlo, is one of the most influential DJs in the Central Oregon area, working in both the electronic dance music scene as well as that of Hip Hop production. He answers all our usual questions!

1 – Where does your DJ name come from?

It’s my last name with the “we” dropped off form the end. folks were always calling me by last name so it just stuck.

2 – Do you prefer producing or DJing?

Ahh, the big question. Honestly, the face of DJing has changed so much in the last decade that the lines between the two have blurred so much. producing is fun and always a good challenge in sound design, but in the end though there is no feeling like flowing through a sweet mix.

3 – Do you enjoy participating in competitions/ DJ Battles?

I have competed in one professional battle a a few “just for fun” ones as well. they are cool but take a different mindset when it comes to laying your program, not quite my thing but I have tremendous respect for those who take part on the regular. I have learned a lot about samples, cuts and scratching from those experiences. suggest all “performing DJ’s” try it at least once

4 – Who is your favorite DJ? Tell us why.

there are so many amazingly talented DJ’s out there especially in the underground and local scenes that it makes this question almost an impossible one. I would say SPL, Prajekt and Ells have really been an inspiration to watch grow into titans among men and I believe are leading the way for the next generation of DJ’s. if I had to pick an all-around favorite, I would have to go with Aphrodite, he had been a pioneer since before the days of “drops” and the endless debate over pre-made performances or actual live mixes. his shows and mixes were always just pure and in the raw. you could see what he was doing, planning and executing down to each fade.

5 – When you look back on the last 15 years what surprises you most about your career?

that even though the landscape of DJing has completely changed, there is still room for the “all around” or non-genre specific DJ. it is refreshing to see the newer generations of listeners and their attraction to all styles of electronic music. I would have to also include that getting the opportunity to have interviews and share my story with the fans and listers via the awesome outlets we now have thanks to the progress of technologies is also a great surprise as well. to see the world of electronic music being accepted on to the global stage as it has makes this an exciting time to be in this existence.

6 – Was it tough for you to get a Masters degree in Audio Engineering & Postproduction?

It was a fun and life-changing experience, tough and at times a bit overwhelming as the DAW platforms were still in the infant stages. Pro Tools was the giant and Logic a close second. Reason was in version 3 and Ableton did not even exist. most studios did not even look at DJ’s as nothing more that wedding entertainers let alone musicians. so pioneering through that process and even leaden some AES lectures on “digital beat making software” really helped me to pave my own way. The coolest part was helping to launch an actual curriculum for reason at the school I attended. again this was 2005 which I know dates me but also helps to put it all in perspective.

7 – Is it worth to have your own music studio?

That totally depends on the direction one is heading, on the production side of things it helps a lot to have a dedicated space to create and express. even with the progression of portable DAW interfaces and headphones. a good workspace to “zen” out in is a must. so for me and my process its totally worth it.

8 – What services does Mixed Heritage Studios offer to the public?

A nice variety of media services from artist and label services, audio services as well as web development that is geared toward the music industry. mainly the focus now is artist development and music label services. Ferrara Multimedia Inc is the parent company so the more detailed questions would be best answered by them.

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