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DJ Robot Destined To Liven Up Parties By 2013



Alert! this inoffensive robot represents a serious thread for human DJs . . . The world’s first robot disc jockey has been invented! Shimi picks tunes, dances in time to the music and even reacts to the mood of the crowd to keep the dancefloor pumping. Unlike many human DJs, he also does requests, WTF!
The robot’s eyes can also follow people round a room and ensure that speakers are aimed at them. Shimi, a musical companion was developed by Georgia Tech’s Center for Music Technology. This robot is essentially a docking station with a ‘brain’ powered by an Android phone. Once docked, the robot gains the sensing and musical generation capabilities of the user’s mobile device. Below, you can watch a robotic DJ performance by Shimi. This new invention is a little bit scary in my opinion.

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