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DJ Tips: How To Deal With Rejection?



DJ Tips: How To Deal With Rejection?

You can’t afford to have a fear of rejection. You need to put yourself out there, and hope people like you. Different club owners and promoters may respond in different ways: some take time to say no; some just don’t get back in touch. The best ones say yes! If clubs don’t respond, keep sending demos until they do get back in touch – remember, persistence is key. If a club owner does respond, but doesn’t want to hire you, then hopefully she told you the reason why she didn’t like the demo.

If she comments on something you didn’t realise, and you agree with it, fix the problem and send off a new demo. She may say ‘I was actually just being polite before’, but perhaps the time you’ve taken to make another demo reflecting her comments may show her how serious you are about working for her.

The knack is to keep trying until the club owner either takes you on or tells you to stop sending in demos because she doesn’t like you! You have to be very strong minded because the rejection letters can come flooding in, and a lot of them won’t be polite, but if you have the skills you’ll find someone, somewhere, sometime who’ll give you a chance and hire you.

Every time you start to wonder if this way truly is an effective form of selling yourself, think of John Digweed. He got his big break when he sent a demo to Renaissance, and he’s now one of the most well-known DJs in the world.


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