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DJ Tips: Joining A DJ Agency



DJ agency
Joining a DJ agency can be an effective way to promote your skills and expand your network. The role and services provided by these agencies vary depending on your level of expertise and fame as a DJ. Here are several types of DJ agencies you can choose from:

Artist management agencies

These agencies primarily cater to famous, established professional DJs who are in high demand. Their focus is on ensuring smooth nights, timely payments from clubs, and effective publicity for the DJs on their roster. As managers, these agencies handle tasks such as publicity, bookings, travel arrangements, and accommodations, allowing the DJs to focus solely on their music.

Booking fees paid to the DJ are managed by the agency, which typically takes a percentage cut (usually between 10 and 15 percent) before passing the remainder to the DJ. Since the agency’s earnings depend on the number of bookings their DJs receive, it is in their best interest to maintain reliable DJs who are consistently booked and paid.

DJ manager
Local agencies

In larger towns and cities, there are DJ agencies that cater to various venues such as clubs, bars, function rooms, and even wedding parties. While fame may not be a significant factor for these agencies, having a strong track record of playing gigs is crucial for being signed by them.

Similar to artist management agencies, local agencies also take a percentage cut of the booking fee. However, since the DJs on their roster may not have a strong personal brand, these agencies work hard to secure bookings for their DJs.

Internet agencies

Internet DJ agencies primarily focus on helping DJs promote themselves rather than actively seeking out gigs on their behalf. Typically, clubs and bars approach these agencies requesting a DJ, and the agency then share the DJ’s details with the venue. Reputable internet agencies have a comprehensive list of clubs that frequently request DJs from their roster, showcasing a high success rate of their DJs getting booked.

With internet agencies, DJs often pay a yearly subscription fee rather than giving a percentage of their earnings. This approach is controversial, and opinions on whether DJs should pay upfront to find work vary.

Researching a DJ agency…

Before joining any agency, whether it’s an internet agency or another type, it’s important to conduct thorough research. Check for testimonials on their website and, if possible, reach out to other DJs and clubs associated with the agency to confirm its legitimacy. Unfortunately, there are unscrupulous individuals who fabricate information to appear more professional, so make use of online DJ forums to gather additional information and ask relevant questions.

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