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DJs Manu P & Federico Rosa Dish On Their Creative Process



Manu P Federico Rosa Interview
As two rising stars in the Electronic Dance music scene, Manu P and Federico Rosa have been captivating audiences with their signature sound and style. With numerous successful releases and electrifying live performances under their belts, these talented Italian DJs and producers have established themselves as forces to be reckoned with.

In this exclusive interview, we sat down with them to discuss their creative process, inspirations, and workflow, and they shared some advice for anyone starting a musical endeavor. Delving into their unique approaches to music production, we gained insight into the techniques and inspiration that have shaped their careers.

From the non-music related activities that inspire them to their workflow when starting a new track, this interview offers a glimpse into the creative processes and inspirations of two emerging talents in the electronic Dance music scene. Whether you’re a budding producer or a seasoned veteran, Manu P and Federico Rosa’s advice and expertise are sure to inspire and motivate you on your own musical journey.

1 — Hey Manu P & Federico Rosa! How are you?

Manu P: All is okay at the moment ????

Federico Rosa: Very good thanks, a pleasure to be here speaking with you.

2 — We want to know more about your creative process, where and how do you usually find inspiration?

Manu P: I normally start from an idea, with a project in mind and a reference track based on what I want to do. From there, I leave and start the production.

Federico Rosa: I listen to music from a 360 perspective, and listening to various genres helps me a lot. Even doing exercise and practicing sports helps my creativity big time, as it resets my mind which allows for new ideas to flow. Finding the right balance between body and mind is fundamental.

3 — Can you tell us if there are any non-music related activities that help you get inspired to work on new music?

Manu P: The thing that makes me feel good and get inspired is the beauty of the studio. I completely hate all those neglected studios, where people smoke inside and don’t care about the structure. If you start by cleaning the workplace, you will surely be inspired.

Federico Rosa:
As I mentioned earlier, sports do help me a lot, but also going for a walk outside with friends can be beneficial.

Manu P Interview
4 — Do you usually follow the same process when producing a track? Or does it depend on the production?

Manu P: It depends on the production.

Federico Rosa: For the most part, I follow the same process. However, changing habits can help every now and then.

5 — Which part of a track is your absolute favorite to start working on?

Manu P: Complete the track and have it ready for the mix.

Federico Rosa: I love creating the groove, love experimenting with the various percussive elements.

6 — Does technology play a big part in helping you with your creative processes? If so, can you tell us how?

Manu P: Technology is the basis of the future, so even in productions technology is needed to improve the songs and improve themselves. I also believe that a nice and clean working environment is essential.

Federico Rosa: I’d say yes…working with a good computer helps with efficiency. For example, nowadays even if you have a basic understanding of music theory, you can use the VST which will do the job for you. When things were more analogical, many things weren’t possible without years of studying.

Federico Rosa Interview
7 — Have you changed something in your production workflow recently?

Manu P: Not yet.

Federico Rosa: For now, I’d say no.

8 — What has been the best change or implementation you made to your workflow in music production or your creative process and how has that changed the way you make music?

Manu P: I think it was completely renovating and turning my studio upside down. This has led to my internal renewal and has led to a new desire to do things.

Federico Rosa: Learning to work with a reference track was fundamental in building structures and finalizing my projects.

9 — What do you do to help you overcome an obstacle while producing a track?

Manu P: If I don’t succeed in something or if I stop, I call a producer friend and I talk to him and we do it together. If you have a trusted team, don’t worry that there won’t be any problems.
But be careful who you choose. Out of 100 people, you will probably find maybe 2 correct.

Federico Rosa: I try to have a break and go do something else like exercise. When I then return to the studio, I tend to have more ideas. Alternatively, I try to consult with a producer friend. Collaboration is key.

10 — What advice would you say is the most important one to keep in mind when starting a new creative project?

Manu P: Focus on the result you want to achieve not with that song, but in what you have previously focused on in the next 3 years.

Federico Rosa: You need to have the right mindset… to me, it’s important to start a track and finish it always.

It has been a great pleasure to chat with Manu P and Federico Rosa and gain insight into their creative processes and approach to music production. Their unique styles and dedication to their craft have led them to become rising stars in the Electronic Dance music industry. Their willingness to experiment with different sounds and styles, and to seek inspiration from various sources, serves as a reminder that creativity and innovation are key to success in any creative endeavor.

Their advice to focus on long-term goals and to stay motivated and consistent with their work is something that can be applied to any aspect of life. We look forward to seeing what these talented DJs and producers will bring in the future and we wish them all the best in their musical journey.


Manu P

Federico Rosa

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