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Do You Approve The Use Of Auto-Tune In Music?



Poll # 5 February 7th, 2011
 Auto-Tune is a magical software used by a lot of singers today. I believe it´s magical because artists can correct their vocal tracks and make them sound perfect!  That´s why most of you have voted against this pitch correction software (54%), I´m sure you think that a lot of talentless singers disguise their out of tune vocals with Auto-Tune, but that´s not a good reason to hate this miraculous computer program.
 Auto-Tune is also used to make a robotic voice effect, and there are a lot of great artists that have become famous thanks to it. A few examples to mention: Daft Punk, Kraftwerk, Ke$ha and T-Pain, all of them with millions of fans around the world; that´s why (36%) of us approve the use of this modern technology. Well who knows what´s the next innovation in music, but Auto-Tune shouldn´t be the last one.

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