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Do You Believe In Vampires? Watch Tom Hamstrom’s Music Video!



Vampires are creatures of folklore and mythology, and they have existed for centuries in various cultures. A month ago, Tom Hamstrom dropped a cinematic music video for “Dancing In The Shadows,” inspired by retro horror films that include them!

Moreover, vampires in music videos are often portrayed with gothic or glamorous aesthetics, but in this clip, they’ve chosen an amazing vintage look. And through lyrics, the Swedish artist conveys themes of desire, like wanting someone so badly that it hurts…

Without a doubt, what I like about Tom Hamstrom is his singing voice, which grabs your attention and stays in your head long after you’ve heard it.

Tom Hamstrom

The enigmatic sounds of synthesizers in combination with the perfect level of 80s melodrama, can be considered totally epic. Not to mention, I sincerely think this song deserves way more attention.

On a side note, various artists and genres have explored vampire themes in their visuals. These range from Pop artists like Lady Gaga and Katy Perry to Rock bands like The Killers or Muse. Each artist brings their own unique interpretation of this interesting concept.

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