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Download Sarantos’ New Song “I Sing” For FREE



Download Sarantos' New Song "I Sing" For FREE

Sarantos starts off the summer with a scorching Top 40 Pop Song just as the long winter and brief cold spring seems to be finally leaving. Along the way on this road to rock, many fans and members of the media have asked Sarantos over and over again – “Why are you doing this?” Given that Sarantos doesn’t believe it is ever too late to do what you love, this latest Electro Pop song is his brutally honest response to the question.


As fans listen to the song and digest the lyrics, there is an immediate sense of understanding not only for the journey Sarantos is on, but also an injection of hope for anyone who feels trapped in life. It is common for everyone to have a dream. This secret desire and passion is usually buried deep inside one’s soul and sometimes stays forcefully hidden and never revealed until the very last breath. Sarantos emphatically says that this should never be the case. It is never too late!


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