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Drug Street Names & Nicknames



Drug Street Names & Nicknames
We know that a lot of our readers run the gamut as far as ages are concerned, from teenage DJs to more seasoned studio veterans. That said, there are a scary amount of drugs of abuse out there today, and if you’re concerned about a loved one, a band mate, a child or anyone else in your life, then you owe it to yourself to know not only what substances are out there, but what names they go by.

All it takes is the recognition of one of these terms overheard in conversation, or glanced in a text, that can be the difference between stepping in and helping someone or remaining blissfully unaware of what they might be up to because you weren’t hip to the slang they were using.

One of the best resources we’ve found to keep up-to-date on street names for drugs of abuse is the “Slang Lookup” and its sister feature, the “Drug Lookup” at Using these tools, parents and concerned loved ones can cross reference known drugs with their current nicknames, and vice versa. So if you know the name of a drug (say, marijuana) you can look up its known slang variations. Likewise, if you’ve heard a slang term and don’t know what it means, you can look up the term and see which drug it corresponds to.

Look, at the end of the day, it’s not our job to lecture, preach, or offer advice (we’re a music blog, after all, not licensed medical professionals). We just have the safety and well-being of our readers and their circles in mind. And we know that being informed and having resources is better than living in the dark. So take this for what it’s worth.


Slang Terms: Speed, gaggler, pid poppers, Bennies, brown and clears, beans, uppers, pep pills, dexes, black beauties, Louee and “hyper pills.”


Slang Terms: Grass, dank, bud, zig zag, hydro, cannabis, bud, smoke, chronic, herb, reefer, pot, weed, ganja, dope, mary jane, skunk, kush, green, plants, bush.


Slang Terms: snow, racehorse Charlie, yeyo, hooter, crank, blow, bad rock, bazooka, beam, Bernice, big C, blizzard, coca, blast beam, flake, nose candy, skiiing. Crack is also referred to as freebase, ready rock, and gravel.


Slang Terms: Smack, Morphine, courage, brown sugar, black tar, H, junk, horse, gunpowder, hard candy, bomb, chiva, mud, noise, dope, skag, China White.


Slang Terms: Meth, crank, crystal, speed, ice and glass. Use is often referred to as “doing a line.” Binging is “doing a run.”


Slang Terms: Molly, Disco biscuits, E, X, XTC, Adam, hug, beans, love drug, clarity.


Slang Terms: Angel dust, wack, ozone, rocket fuel, hog, fry, formaldehyde, amp, wet, elephant, tranq, TicTac and embalming fluid.

Crystal super grass refers to PCP mixed with marijuana.


Slang Terms: barbs, birds, blockbusters, Christmas trees, goof balls, pinks, red devils, reds and blues, yellow jackets.


Slang Terms: Rohypnol may be called rophies, roofies, and roach. Others slang terms include benzos, downers, tranks and sleepers.


Slang Terms: Juice, amidone, chocolate chip cookies (methadone or heroin combined with MDMA), fizzies, street methadone and wafer.


Slang Terms: Hillbilly heroin, country h, oxycotton, oxy, OC, killers.


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