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Duck Sauce Pay Tribute To Barbara Streisand In Music Video



Duck Sauce Pays Tribute To Barbara Streisand In Music Video

Please check out this wild video Duck Sauce dropped via YouTube. Those crazy dudes A-Trak and Armand filmed it right in the streets of the Big Apple, NYC, the capital of Dance music!

An Icon Gets Her Due

The track “Barbra Streisand” is such a banger. They sampled that Boney M Disco jam “Gotta Go Home” and made the whole thing a tribute to the legendary Barbara herself. Can you imagine how cool it musta been for her to have a whole song named after her?…

She’s literally an icon, it’s fitting they gave her that honor.

Check Out the Video Clip

On the other hand, this song is huge at the moment. It has peaked at #3 on the UK Dance Chart. Besides, American music charts are praising it as well, but you best believe dance floors everywhere are losing their minds to it.

If you never saw the vid before, you gotta check it below. A-Trak and Armand are just chillin’ in NYC, busting moves and being general weirdos the whole time. It’s so fun and captures the energy of their sound perfectly. Always puts a smile on my face!

Hope y’all enjoy reliving that classic Duck Sauce joint. They don’t make dance tracks like that any more.



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