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Dvble Trvble Interview 2015



Dvble Trvble
Artists and label owners Dvble Trvble recently made a new big room track called “Trapeze” for the peak time festival moments. These talented guys continue reaching out new audiences and better with an interview. Read it below and enjoy it!

1 – How did DVBLE TRVBLE form?

We were friends from late 90’s and we started producing music in college. Since then, we were DVBLE TRVBLE.

2 – Is it difficult working together all the time?

Not at all , it’s easier for us to work together.

3 – How do you work? Do you have a plan for a new release, or do you just let it all happen?

Since we are approaching to more POP based EDM, we like to make the melody first. That way all the sounds surrounding the melodies can mix well together. Our new release will be around the beginning of October.

4- Why did you title your new single “Trapeze”?

Well, while we were making the track, somehow it made feel the tension and atmosphere of the Carnival and trapeze. I thought it blends well.

5 – Do you think your success in America with your new song “Trapeze” will be the same in other parts of the world?

Everybody have their preferences, I would think it as an individual rather than by country.

6 – So what’s new and different about “Trapeze”?

This song we spend some time on the main LEAD. It was really difficult to blend it with the Bigroom Kick.

7 – Some people see EDM as cheesy and commercial music in a negative way. Obviously, you don’t share their view. But what’s your take on it?

It’s all about music taste. Everyone has a different background with different styles of music culture. It is always controversial to bring up “EDM” rather than electronic music. We don’t really care who thinks EDM is cheesy. As long as we love the music we are going for it.

8 – I’m glad to know that you own a label called, Cakeshop Records. Do you share the same roles and responsibilities?

Yeah, we are the founder of this label and we are hoping to expand this company in the future.

9 – What local gigs are you doing in the near future?

We had some gigs in the South East Asia and we are looking forward to travel around next year.

10 – What do you plan to do once you’ve reached that critical age and have to face the fact that you are, in fact, over 40?

We have a goal to make this label to a greater label. So hopefully, we find many talented artists in the future and release tracks.

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