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Ebola Halloween Costumes Will Be Popular Among Partygoers



ebolaIf Halloween is supposed to be spooky, at least some costumes worn this year by party-goers in the United States promise to be terrifying.

Some of the more ghoulish trick-or-treaters will be dressed as emergency responders to people sick with Ebola, head to toe in protective clothing, according to costume previews in social media.

Ghosts, vampires and fairy princesses will likely continue to be the most popular costumes for the Oct. 31 fancy dress party. But every year, it seems edgier costumes emerge from news headlines.

The Ebola virus that has killed nearly 4,000 people in west Africa seems to be this year’s favorite among some planning for Halloween.

Photos on Twitter have shown costumes based upon Ebola workers clad in goggles, rubber gloves and full-body protective suits.

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ebola halloween

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