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EDM Icons United! Matt Sassari, Quarterhead & Miggy Dela Rosa



Three EDM icons in the music industry, Matt Sassari, Quarterhead, and Miggy Dela Rosa come together to create something danceable and singable. Their live performance of “Remedywill keep your eyes glued to the screen!

On one hand, you have the extraordinary vocals from the same singer who brought you the international hit “Ferrari. On the other hand, heart-pounding beats set the stage for high-voltage parties and raves.

Interestingly, this collaboration represents a unique meeting of talents from different corners of the music world. And guess what? Even though it dropped in June, it’s still causing a stir.

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Miggy Dela Rosa

I truly believe this banger is a reminder that letting spontaneity guide you sometimes leads to the most amazing outcomes. Likewise, it’ll be fascinating to see these EDM icons team up again down the road now that they’ve shared what they can achieve together.

Most importantly, “Remedy” was released via Cr2 Records, a renowned record label from the UK with years of experience and a rich history in the Dance music industry. Needless to say, this tune is poised to be nothing short of fascinating.

By the way, the lyrics are all about sticking together and showing that love can totally conquer anything.

Well, do you know what’s the ultimate “Remedy”? Being with the ideal person in your life.



By Erick Ycaza

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