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EDM Record Label Angered Women After Posting Sexist Tweet



Spinnin’ Records, one of the top electronic dance music record labels, found itself in hot water 3 months ago.
On its Twitter and Facebook pages, the company posted a picture of a new CD-J, along with the caption ‘Thanks @PioneerDJ for finally making a CD-J suitable for women.’ The tweet has been favorited 102 times and retweeted 170 times — often followed up with sharp criticsm for perceived sexism.

Both well-known DJs and women from all over the world expressed their anger with the label. 

Gender inequalities have been previously documented in electronic dance music. The Forbes list of the highest-paid DJs in 2013 included only men.
All I can say is that Spinnin’ Records sucks with their releases of shitty commercial dance music! + it seems that they don’t respect talented female DJs.
Co-founder of Spinnin’ Records Eelko van Kooten has also come under fire!

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