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Effin Carves Out His Own Destiny With Debut Album ‘Cheap Thrills’



Cheap Thrills
Blending the retro styles of the past with the eclectic sounds of today’s electronic realm, Effin announces his highly anticipated debut album ‘Cheap Thrills’ out now.

There is something beautiful and courageous about bringing new life to things forgotten. It takes something special to preserve the magic of what was while molding it into something fresh and spectacular. In the world of music today, many artists are merely interested in finding the newest sounds and styles in order to prove their originality. Effin, however, has found that sometimes the road to becoming one-of-a-kind is right under your nose.

With the release of ‘Cheap Thrills,’ Effin takes a deep dive into the ocean of his musical talents. Having taken years to develop his style, the artist was beginning to wonder if he would ever find his place in the industry. To his surprise, the path leading to his success was there all along. Pulling from his roots in Nashville, Tennessee, Effin renders an insanely energetic twist on old classics.

Sampling styles from the 50s and 70s eras, the artist completely revamps timeless tunes into some of the most sophisticated and original tracks to date. Not only does he harness the old-school sounds with integrity, but he channels them into something that is completely his own.

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“Cheap Thrills is everything that Effin represents and will represent going forward. It’s an audio collage of hundreds of different sounds, styles, and influences slammed and crunched together. Above all things, it’s a love album. It pulls you in and spits you out, filled with digital nostalgia and distorted fantasies. This one is incredibly special to me and I think that will be obvious from the opening thrill until the final goodbye.” — Effin

Although the album demonstrates the raw talent that exudes from the artist, Effin has not had the easiest journey of finding his niche. Bringing older styles of music to the forefront can be risky, but with the proper attention to detail and dedication to stand out, the possibilities are endless. Effin, like many of the artists he sampled before him, took a chance on creating something eccentric and rooted in originality. Each track is vastly different from the next. Every breakdown brings forth a unique animation. The album brings listeners through decades of music, while continuously reminding them of the future of Effin’s sound. From beginning to end, the collection is a powerful and inspiring ode to the timelessness of music and the fruition of a creative mind.



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