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Electro Pop Duo Cypress South Mesmerizes With New CD ‘Treasures’



cypress southMusicians Sue G. Wilkinson and Michael Cady had already excelled in their fields before they mastered the device known as a looper.

Wilkinson has toured Europe, Asia, and the UK as well as writing and performing music for film and television. Cady works a very unique seven string bass which he designed and had custom built. Their new CD ‘Treasures’ brilliantly displays their skills as writers, musicians and performers. Cypress South is currently on tour performing in large venues such as planetariums, art galleries, gardens and even house concerts. An endorsement from SoundSpectrum provides the fantastic visual show. One of the most popular songs from Treasures is “Simpatico”, which Wilkinson co-wrote with Patrick O’Hearn, formerly of Missing Persons, Frank Zappa and Dexter Gordon’s band.

And here’s the track-by-track review:

1. Sympatico A top quality intro track with clear sound production, it’s a sexy ballad, so to speak.

2. Lack of Tryin Melodic soft rock tune with emotional lyrics, I like the chorus!

3. Work It Out It sounds like a 70s song with some Gospel, Soul and Country influece.

4. Always One Oh-Oh-Oh-Ooh we’re getting more romantic with the fourth track. I love Cypress South’s ability to write wonderful lyrics that express love and feelings.

5. Stronger Heart This song will put you in a mysterious and enigmatic mood. It’s slow and somehow relaxing as well.

6. Wash Away The songs’ chorus is adorably literal: “You can wash away a brand new start / You can tear the chance to love apart””. . . This is another ballad full of emotion and it seems that was written in hyper-romantic mode.

7. All Fall Down The first seconds of the song sounds like an Aerosmith’s song. It could work perfectly as the soundtrack to any drama film. I really enjoyed it!

8.  Hearts This track features precise vocals surrounded by synth bleeps and blues-rock riffing.

9. Faith A sweet song downtempo song with some electronic beats and sound effects that can be heard in the background. I feel very relaxed and comfortable with it.

10. Martyr Water The last song of this album sounds more like if it was part of a musical. The vocals have been more accentuated than the previous tracks, giving the listener an intimate music experience.

This CD is something different and well produced. We should give it a chance and enjoy the pure art of Cypress South.

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