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Electronic Band Land Will Caught Your Attention With Their Fresh EP, ‘Again’



electronic band
A fresh EP by electronic band Land popped up recently that caught my attention enough. I’m talking about, the 7-track sonic gem ‘Again’, which seems to be highly influenced by Massive Attack, Depeche Mode, Underworld, Royksopp, among others. Overall, I would describe their sound as cinematic, spooky, modern, dark but most importantly enjoyable. Moreover, it’s impressive how each track is beyond dreamy atmospherics, while lyrics portray an evolving story from the first song to the last. With a heavy dose of synths and added effects, ‘Again’ reminded me of the 80s New Wave era. In fact, those of you who yearn for the past will actually get a melancholy feeling. While young Millennials & Centennials will believe they have discovered something brand new. There’s something about this EP listening experience that is dynamic and rich at the same time. One way or another, the haunting vocals penetrate your skin and soul. Just turn on your surround speakers and let the magic begin!



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