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ELLA UNIQUE – A New Label For Underground DJs



 Founded By Cihan Mareno

Cihan Mareno praised Tech House DJ / Producer from Belgium announces the start of his new label ELLA UNIQUE. A label focused on underground material and quality where he loves to give new talent a chance. After producing and DJing as an underground artist for many years, the time was ripe to take matters in his own hands and provide artists with an all-encompassing platform for their music.
Cihan Mareno noted: “The goal for Ella Unique is to release music from the heart and soul. Things that are different and hence “Unique”. We’re not by default aiming for the charts, but we do aim for recognition from our peers in the underground. We want to provide music with substance, purpose, and soul. I can’t reveal everything in detail but the label is the start of not just music, but also lifestyle and memorable items.
I grew tired of big labels monopolizing things to a certain extent and not giving enough of an opportunity to upcoming talent to make their name. I understand there is so much music out there it’s impossible to please and help everyone. But when you are in a position to give back, you should! It’s essential to help develop and cultivate new talent that will one day be the future. So we love to give a helping hand to set people in the right direction, give advice or teach them. We are all about that. I wanted to create a home base where we can all collaborate and grow and call our own shots.”

Key ingredients to get on the label include forward thinking sound design and overall solid rhythmic flow. Dance music made with heart and soul that sounds unique. It’s a plus if the artist is a DJ since DJs have the ability to road-test new sounds in the clubs, but it is not a requirement. For Ella Unique, the most important thing is the music. Of course it helps if the artist is also a likable person in general with a positive mindset to move the music forward.

Aside of the label, the team of Inside Sense (Ella Unique’s parent company) is managing a new Night Club based in Krefeld Geremany. Label showcases in various European cities, Ibiza and Turkey are on the planning. More information will follow soon.
For more information about Cihan Mareno and Ella Unique, please contact Wilf Libgott of | [email protected]
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