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Embracing Emo Rap: 7Seven Talks New Track “Blind” In Interview



7Seven “Blind” Interview
On this occasion, we delve deeper into the music, inspirations, and vision of 7Seven, an emerging rapper from Chicago, Illinois determined to make a lasting impact through his unique blend of emotions and storytelling. His new single “Blind” is a must-listen!

1 — At what point in your life did you embark on your journey as a rapper?

Around the age of 12 years old, my father took me to the studio for my birthday and I just fell in love. Watching him rap, the engineer mixing his music, the environment, the sounds, it was like I found something that I could resonate with. From that point on I declared myself as a rapper and went under the name, “JJ_Sensei” which was my first ever Rap name. and that’s just about how I got the ball rolling when it came to my journey.

2 — Is there a reason why you choose “7Seven” for your artistic persona? Does it hold any symbolic meaning?

Yeah, the reason I choose 7Seven, is because it holds a biblical meaning for me and my fans. The number seven is a biblical number in the Bible that represents completion. It’s me saying I want to become the best version of myself humanely possible and take my fans along with me so they also can become the best version of themselves humanely possible through the will of God and Jesus Christ. That is why I choose the name 7Seven and why it means so much to me. 

3 — What specific experiences influenced the lyrics of your new song “Blind”?

The main experience was me getting tragically heartbroken by a girl, and me foolishly hoping that despite that heartbreak, we’d still somehow be together despite all the pain I’ve been through with her. The lyrics were me crying out hoping that she’d realize that we should still be together and that I want to be with her forever and ever despite all the things she put me through.

4 — What Emo Rap means to you and how is it reflected in your music?

What Emo Rap means to me is, a genre of music where you can be openly vulnerable with people, open up, and express how you really feel, not how you are, but how you really actually feel. Not like when you’re faking your personality at school, or when you’re putting on a facade that you’re happy at work, but your true thoughts and inner emotions, inner emotions like when you get home you lie in your bed for 4 hours just from the exhausting task of faking how you actually are. Emo Rap is an outlet for not just men but women or any person of color or gender to really let it all out for themselves, so they can feel better. It’s reflected in my music heavily really, it’s the biggest aspect of it, almost every song, lyric, hook, chorus, and bridge was influenced by this genre of music. Emo Rap is reflected in my music also by the passion I put into every lyric, every song, every bar, and every chorus. It’s almost like you can feel my pain and emotions through the screen when you listen to me. That’s how Emo Rap in itself reflects off my music.

5 — Men’s mental health is an important theme in your compositions. Why do you believe it’s crucial to address this topic?

I believe it’s a crucial topic because I personally feel men’s mental health is all but neglected in today’s society. Men’s mental states need to be brought to a bigger light so we can change the perception of men’s emotions as a whole. Like when someone says, “Oh you’re a man, you’re not supposed to cry” or, “You’re a man, you shouldn’t be feeling depressed, you should honestly just ignore it.” The main reason I address a topic like men’s mental health is to remove these horrible stereotypes for men not just for my state, but around the world as a whole. We need to address this topic to improve men’s mental health for the future of our nation and for the future of men as a whole. 

6 — Do you believe tracks like “Blind” can truly make a difference in today’s society?

Yes, I believe my track could bring about change, even if it’s small, it could be the smallest thing ever, but If this song helped a single person in the world, helped them feel better, or just improved their mood, I could die a happy man knowing I influenced one singular soul on this earth. I believe I could make a difference in society if brought to the right audience. That’s truly what I believe.

7 — Can you identify any other tune in your repertoire that aim to increase awareness or bring about change?

Yes, my song “Out Of Mind. Also aims to inspire the same thing. The song is me singing about how I’m “tryna come up with something different that’s not a love song.” Because eventually, I grew tired of writing about pain and heartache, it’s supposed to symbolize growth and development for young adolescent teens who are stuck in the same cycle of going through misery and pain with a family member, girl, or any other adversity there facing. The song is meant to inspire people to break the cycle and move forward.

8 — When it comes to connecting with your audience on an emotional level, do you encounter any challenges or is it a natural ability of yours?

I find it to be natural for me because my audience are people just like me who’ve been through something horrible and they feel like there’s no way out, nobody you can relate to, and that’s what I’m here for. I’ve been in countless situations like that, where I felt hopeless, alone, like nobody was there, so connecting with my fans on those matters is extremely natural to me and I have no problem talking with fans or getting to know them better through that subject matter.

9 — What factors do you consider when deciding whether or not to release a music video for a song?

There’s a lot really, does the music video resonate with the song and speak the right message? Does the imagery portray what the song was trying to communicate, does the lighting compliment, not only the song but the tone of the video itself, for example, if it’s a heartbreak song and I’m making a music video for it, let’s say I choose the color red, is it a dark red? Does the dark red compliment the scenes well? Not only that, is the camera quality good? The camera angles? every single piece on the set is to contribute towards the message of the overall song, so there’s a lot I consider when I’m deciding whether or not to release it. I also think about when would the right time to be to drop it as well, cause I wouldn’t wanna drop one 2 months later after the release, the momentum and hype would have most likely left by then. So there’s just a lot I consider when I’m deciding on whether to release a music video or not.

10 — What’s next for 7Seven in the upcoming months?

What’s next for me? A lot, I plan on releasing another upcoming single called “Loner.” It’s my favorite piece of work I’ve made so far. Then I plan on dropping an album in the following months called “Bump In The Road,” it’s a direct sequel to my first album which was called, ‘The Journey.’ It’s about how I’ve hit a bump in the road to my journey to becoming the best version of myself, I plan for it to be the best work I’ve ever released to date. So stay tuned for it, I’m really gonna rock the world with it.



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