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Emerging Artist, Wise Young Gent Gives Us 3 New Energetic Tracks!



Emerging Artist, Wise Young Gent Gives Us 3 New Energetic Tracks!

Summer is near. What does that mean? New music!

Wise Young Gent gives us 3 brand new inspirational tracks for this years spring/summer festival seasons. You can really feel the emotion that is put into all of his tracks. This kid is really starting to develop a sound for himself and this is only the beginning.

“Destiny” is a very uplifting melodic summer anthem that is full of positive energy. This is perfect for the spring and summer festival seasons.

“Don’t Stop” has a very classic lullaby like melody that transitions into an epic drop. I can tell you this will get crowds at festivals and clubs going WILD.

“Blackout” is all about that epic night you will never forget unless you blackout of course. Then you won’t remember anything that happened. Is that good or bad? This track has a very BIG ROOM feel with a longer intro before the drop but its all completely worth it!

A major label may not have picked up this kid yet… though at this rate, they will very soon. Keep the tracks coming!


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