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EDM Producer From Mexico Topolino Releases ‘Bluffer Mind’ EP



From an early age, Topolino realized his innate ability for making high-quality electronic dance music. Daydreaming about becoming a superstar led him to ghost-producing for other artists. Nowadays, he’s ready to shape his own solo path into the future.

Born under the name of Emilio Velázquez, the young emerging producer from Mexico didn’t receive full support from his family at the start of his career. Surpassing life’s adversities, he managed to meet his creative goals.

According to the virtuoso himself, music theory isn’t his forte. Despite this, in a completely self-taught manner, he’s able to create the most sublime and exciting melodies you can ever imagine.

Clearly, his recent EP ‘Bluffer Mind’ is enough proof that his skills are worth gold. Just give it a listen!

In one way or another, these euphoric anthems revolve around his personal experiences, while some others delve into everyday situations. In fact, this project isn’t only about upbeat rhythms.

On the contrary, Topolino’s tunes will provoke a deeply rich and meaningful emotional response within you. Moreover, the role of his compositions has much to do with their stimulating and relieving effects. 

Lastly, I truly think the ‘Bluffer Mind’ EP works wonders in both the club and radio. “Dear Girl In Heaven…” and “Living In A Dream” are favorites so far.

Additionally, he’s eager to explore more genres, so keep an eye out for his progression below.



By Erick Ycaza

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