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Want To Enjoy A Concert Like You Are Having The Best Seats? Meet Peex Live



peex live
You have to admit that it is a bit strange to see people wearing headphones at a concert. If you have seen them, maybe you have asked yourself why would anyone in the world do that? Well, there are great chances that they are using Peex – a device designed to make the concert sound better and boost your listening experience.

You simply place the wireless receiver around your neck and put the earphones into our ears when the music starts. When the receiver notifies you about any instrument underperforming, all you need to do is to launch the Peex Live app on your smartphone, select the appropriate icon and tune the sound up until you hear it just the way t should be heard.

Is this something we can expect to see more often in the future?

At the moment, you can’t buy this product. It is in development for some time now and the company became partners with Elton John. Some people will have the chance to try the Peex system during the Elton John’s farewell tour planned for next year.

How does the Peex System work?

The main soundboard and the Peex console interact at the venue. The rigs round the stage have wireless transmitters installed and they determine the exact location of the listener and stream enhanced audio to their headphones depending on the sound direction in the room.

The app has sliders that can help you enhance the sound of the live concert and still enjoy the concert performance.

If you are sittings at the best place in the room you may not see a difference between the audio coming from the Peex system and the live audio. However, if you go to the not so good seating locations, the difference will be very noticeable. You will definitely hear the sounds that usually don’t come there or are just recessed.

peex earphones
The most interesting thing is that the Peex earbuds are nothing special although you may expect a great sounding pair of wireless earbuds. We can say that they are designed just like the Apple EarPods but they have a rubber cover which makes sure they remain at place while you are at the concert.

If you think you can use your own earbuds, we have to say that we have tried to use the Bose SoundTrue Ultra earphones but the sound was just not that good. It was quite bad actually. The truth is that noise-isolation is not desirable here because the earphones have to let the concert audio in. The Peex system is just filtering the audio and open earbuds are the preferred option.

The plan for the future is to make the headsets available for rent at the venue so hundreds or even thousands of people can enjoy the system simultaneously. The company has also tested the system on outdoor concerts and it works perfectly fine.

The price of the rental is still unknown, but the main goal is to make the people going to concerts enjoy this technology, so we can expect the rental price to be very affordable.

As the name says, the Peex Live app is designed for live concerts. However, there is also the Peex Relive app. It will help you listen to some concert recordings (at the moment, just Elton John’s) and play them via the five-channel Peex Mixer.

Although the technology is pretty amazing, Peex can have some trouble negotiating with some artists and venues to implement the system. However, in the US people often pay too much for live concerts and in most cases, they are not truly satisfied with the sound quality. The main reason is that they are not having the best seats. However, the Peex system is designed to make you feel like you are having the best seats every time you use it. And you have to admit that this is exactly what everyone who likes going to concerts wants. At the moment, we will be able to enjoy Elton John’s music using the Peex system but hopefully in the near future the number of artists will be much bigger.

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