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The Essential Anti-Sunburn Travel Kit



sunburn-kitSunburn isn’t just a summer concern! UV rays are always there, even on cloudy days – it pays to be prepared! This quick guide will help you build the ultimate sunburn prevention and relief kit. Pack your sun protection kit at the cabin or marina, or maybe next to your car keys at home. It’s nice to have a total sun protection packing-list for camping trips and vacations of all sorts.

Basic Sun Protection Essentials

Sunscreen goes without saying, of course… but you may still want a couple of tips for choosing the right formula for your adventure style. Ocean-goers might choose coral friendly sunscreens, for example, whereas somebody who ventures around insects might want something completely scent-free as not to attract any bugs.

But carrying large bottles of sunscreen just isn’t convenient. Save space and money by investing in leak proof travel containers – available just about anywhere that sells camping gear – so you can always have just the right amount stowed away in your travel bag. Don’t forget the specialty balm for lips, nose, and ears if you don’t like the texture of the regular stuff.

But whatever you do, don’t leave your sunscreen in the vehicle! Extreme temperatures reduce its effectiveness. Surprise sunburns are extra frustrating.

Remember to protect those areas sunscreen can’t go: the scalp, ears, and around the eyes. A wide-brimmed hat is a must-have. If you don’t have room to carry one, carry a much more portable pack of bandanas. They can serve multiple purposes!

A good pair of sunglasses is equally essential because your eyes are especially vulnerable to damaging UV rays – sunburn on the retina is very uncomfortable, but the long-term damage is irreparable. Being able to see clearly is a big bonus as well! Check out the sporty Ria Islands bamboo collection for affordable designer shades for any outdoor adventure.

Skin Nourishment and Sunburn Relief

Healthy skin is ready for anything! Foods rich in vitamins C, E, and A can help the skin protect against the effects of sunburn and can decrease the time it takes to heal. Keep a small pack of vitamin chews or fruit bars on hand to nourish your skin from within. Try to avoid foods that can

Water can’t prevent sunburn, but it can help your skin stay happy and healthy despite the increased exposure to the elements. Staying hydrated can help you get over sunburns quicker too. The hardest part is finding a convenient and reliable way to carry large quantities of safe drinking water without a camel pack or heavy cooler.

Self-filtering water bottles are the answer. The filtering mechanism is usually contained right in the straw so you can fill up and go. Self-filtering water bottles have different purification ratings for different purposes, from cleaning up untrusted tap water to killing viruses in exotic streams or rivers. If you’re doing anything that carries the risk of sunburn, you’re probably at risk for dehydration too!

But what about immediate relief? The gels and home remedies? There are plenty of options!

Sunburn is the bane of any outdoor adventure – it hurts, it chafes, it feels and looks distracting. Make sure to pack some relief so you can at least extinguish the heat. Always keep a few to-go items you can carry with you for relief when you need it. Aloe lotion and pain reliever are the most popular and most convenient options.

But there are plenty of great DIY options out there, if you know what to look for. Your pantry or local grocery store should have everything you need! Cool milk compresses and black tea baths are an effective way to draw heat from the burn, serving as an effective and natural alternative to instant-action pain relievers. Both remedies are a great way to wind down after a hard day of outdoor activities anyways.

Your skin deserves the best you can give it. Pack plenty of sun protection every time you plan to spend your day outdoors, no matter the season!

If you know anybody else who loves to play in the sunshine, consider giving the gift of healthy skin with a custom sun protection kit including your favorite balms, bandanas, sunglasses, and accessories. Perfect for a friend who plans to travel somewhere sunny or just loves to get outdoors.

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