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Essential Fashion Pieces You Should Have In Your Wardrobe



Essential Fashion Pieces You Should Have In Your WardrobeIrrespective of how you wish to make your statement style, whether you feel like renewing your wardrobe or simply are looking for a makeover, certain pieces of your wardrobe have come to stay. These are very hard to part with as they express style most effortlessly and are very easy to experiment with, versatile for most occasions. Here are some of these timeless classics that are hard to miss, pieces that you can always fall back upon at any point in time.

Leather Jacket – Probably the best discovery in apparel so far, leather jackets are well worth the investment they are. Not only can you wear them all year round, they are an absolute style statement and a very versatile wear. Also, leather jackets hold a greater appeal as they grow older, and work well with both the sporty biker look and even the stylish office look.
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Black Business Suit – While traditional neutral colored blazers are relatively common, blazers are still equipped well enough to create a statement by themselves. A black business suit is another must-have in your wardrobe, as it is stylish yet formal, and works well with most evening wear.

business suit
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Vibrant scarf – Scarves are an excellent alternative to accessories, and can perk up the look of any ordinary outfit almost instantly. Looping a scarf around your neck not only gives your outfit a chic look, it also helps keep you warm and comfortable. To experiment with scarves you can always try new ways to tie one.

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Jeans – Another timeless classic, the Jean is anything from casual cool to stylishly formal. While well fitted jeans create a slimmer silhouette, there are various other types and washes in which denims are made today. Jean material includes jeans pants, denim jackets, denim bags, denim shoes, and Jean coats or overcoats. They team well with a wide range of apparel like printed or plain shirts, fringed wear, blazers and many such combinations.

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White shirt – The classic white shirt is one of the best styles ever, they look great with anything ranging from denims, feminine skirts to formal wear. An outfit involving a white shirt can be tweaked with subtle accessories or using denim coats or over coats to handsome looking bags and good looking shoes.

white shirt
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Nude pumps/ Oxfords – Footwear are an equally important part of a perfect outfit and it’s surprising how much they communicate your personality. Nude pumps for women, and oxford shoes for men are an absolute must have in an updated wardrobe, as they are your best bet with a wide range of apparel like formals, jeans, or party wear.

oxford shoes

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