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Everything You Need To Know About The Proton Tie, Modern Man’s Newest Accessory



proton tie
Many times, we see men struggling with neck ties for a basic knot. Wearing a tie on weddings and business meetings is a daily life struggle that men cannot escape. Not to forget the fact that wearing a suit without a tie is basically like forgetting your belt at home and feeling incomplete for the rest of the day! Your suit will always be incomplete without a tie no matter how much you try dressing down for an occasion. To put an end to your distress, experts re-invented the old and boring neck tie with an accessory that every modern man would love to flaunt! We are talking about the latest talking point in men’s fashion – Proton tie.

This chic new statement piece is made from a complex process of joining two rigid polymers together with a flexible fabric in between. Proton tie is a solution to every modern man’s lifestyle where he no longer has to spend time to match his tie with the suit and can still manage to stand apart from the rest of the crowd. Puerto Rican musicians and boxers have been seen wearing this new piece of accessory.

Proton ties are formal, stylish and sexy, and you need to get one in your wardrobe pronto! You can get your first proton tie from here:

proton gold tie

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