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Exclusive Interview: Amir Paiss Explains New Song “Blessed To Chant”



Exclusive Interview: Amir Paiss Explains New Song "Blessed To Chant"

The first time I listened to “Blessed To Chant” by Amir Paiss, I just loved it. Overall, the song feels so relaxing and peaceful, but most importantly, lyrics go deep in your soul. Scroll down to read an exclusive interview with the Australian-based artist who explains in detail this interesting piece of production.

1 – Congratulations on the release of “Blessed To Chant”. To whom you would dedicate this song?

I dedicate this song to all the love devotees out there, that are connected to that Oneness which is beyond the constraints of language, religion, or ideas of separation.

2 – Is this the first time you collaborate with Deva Premal on a song? How did you decide to work together?

Deva Premal is a dear friend, and over the years I occasionally joined both Deva and Miten with my voice, guitar or Persian santur. Deva and Miten were in Australia while I recorded my latest album ‘Satsong’, and I asked Deva to join me for “Blessed To Chant” and for “End Of Days”, and lucky me she agreed!

3 – Do you want this song to be “spiritual”?

Even if I didn’t want to be spiritual, there is no escape from it. We are also a spiritual being, and as the saying goes – we are not human beings having a spiritual experience – we are spiritual beings having a human experience. I believe that all I do is an extension or an expression of my being, and I don’t want to ever separate spirit, and put it in a box somewhere… this song is an expressive attempt of articulation, a prayer song that is weaving the Hebrew and Sanskrit languages and their devotional traditions.

amir paiss interview
4 – What about your source of inspiration? Were you listening to any other artists?

I am inspired by music that touches my heart. Over the years I noticed that there are artists who are unveiling their hearts when they sing, and those move me the most. Jai Uttal, a dear friend is a constant inspiration in my creative life, by his devotion and musical exploration. I am inspired by Miten’s songs that are like treasure chests of wisdom, and I’m blessed to have some of my closest friends as my inspirations. I love the marriage between lyrics and melodies, and the poetic ability to express through songs.

5 – Sonically, what drew you to acoustic guitars? Have you considered working with synths or electronic beats?

I had the opportunity to work with electronic beats and I do like it, although in this project I wanted to be as intimate as I could, and the closest to just me and the guitar…

Amir Paiss
6 – What led to the idea to use trilingual lyrics?

I was always drawn to language, and to the phonetic connection, certain words and languages have. Singing in English, Hebrew and Sanskrit, felt like a wonderful opportunity to celebrate those three languages.

English is more or less the international language these days, and I am based in Australia, an English speaking country, so I had to learn and sharpen my capacity to articulate and write poetry in this language.

Hebrew is my mother tongue, I grew up in Israel, and it is an exquisitely poetic language. I simply love it! It is a root language, like Sanskrit, to which I was exposed while I lived in India during the early 90’s. I love the sound and resonance of Sanskrit, and its depth. Finding a phonetic and meaningful connection between Hebrew and Sanskrit captured my attention and inspired me immensely.

7 – With such stunning landscapes and a peaceful atmosphere, can you reveal to us the secret location of your music video?

The video was taken in the 7-mile beach just south of Byron Bay, NSW, Australia, not far from where I live. It is one of the first places I visited when I arrived in Australia 17 years ago and has a raw and expansive feel to it. It is stunningly beautiful. I am blessed to have worked with Arterium the video artist, that suggested we film where we did.

8 – Do you remember funny anecdotes during the filming of this clip?

My partner Nirupa, Arterium the video man and I got to the beach and had a beautiful moment of setting an intention, blessing and connecting with each other and with the environment before we started. It felt grounding and uplifting at the same time.

9 – Your last album ‘Satsong’ was released in 2015. Are you working on a new one?

I am now in the final stages of a concept album I’ve been working on, ‘Tales of Chaos and Cosmos’, and I am now writing and composing a new album of songs which I am super excited about. It will be probably released sometime in 2020.

10 – Finally, how do you think music can make this world a better place for humanity?

Music is a healing force, and when it is being shared authentically, in whatever genre and form, it can shape the universe. I believe we can harmonize and increase our coherency through music because music facilitates connection. It is an art form that is both physical and abstract but cannot be frozen. It has to be played in order to be experienced, and it is asking for a presence. Music has been used since the dawn of humanity as a healing master key. I believe we can make our world a better place, and I believe music is a huge part of it. It is vibrational, and our universe is made of frequencies and vibrations. We can participate in the creative process of creation and be the best we can be.



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