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Exclusive Interview: EDM Prodigy Black Summer Drops “YeH”



Black Summer - YeH
EDM prodigy Black Summer is back with an original album titled “YeH. To the surprise of many, he became Australia’s youngest producer in 2015, which triggered admiration but also cyberbullying and criticism from the public. As time passed, he honed his skills in the music production field. What’s more, his excellent work led to him getting signed by Grammy-winning mixer Chris “TEK” O’Ryan on his label TEKZENMUSIC. Venturing into festivals like Groovin The Moo to amassing 400k+ views on the hit single “Young Like Me,” Black Summer is definitely one to watch.

1 – Can you reveal to us who inspired you musically since the start of your music career?

I’ve had many many different artists inspire me over the years but the artists that have stuck with me the most through these years are Flume, Skrillex, and Getter. These artists have really opened my eyes to new ideas and given me the confidence to experiment with my music.

2 – Who is musically inclined in your family?

My whole family is creative in some way, my dad is a chef and my mum is an artist but there hasn’t been a lot of musicality in the family up until now. My brother plays guitar though and my auntie used to be a DJ so it does run a little bit in the family.

3 – How much has your life changed since you became Australia’s youngest producer?

My life has completely changed. I’ve met Tek who has been an amazing mentor, manager, and friend. I’ve met so many talented artists too. Nowadays, I’m working to make it a full-time career so it’s definitely consumed my all-time and just changed the way I see the world.

4 – Are you still struggling with cyberbullying?

I’m always struggling with cyberbullying especially since Young Like Me came out because people couldn’t believe someone of my age made a song of that quality. It has calmed down a little though through the years because of all the music I’ve consistently released and many live streams and “how it’s made” videos. I do have a strong feeling that this will be a constant struggle through my career though, but it is what it is LOL.

5 – Nowadays, how do you respond to criticism?

Well, I guess it depends on what kind of criticism it is, if it’s constructive and comes from a positive perspective then I’ll take it into account. I love getting feedback from people, but if it’s just plain hatred then I just ignore it, and when I rarely do reply I just reply with positivity and try to educate those people.

6 – In your opinion, what makes your new album “YeH” so exciting?

When I made “YeH” I wanted to make something that was versatile and didn’t have any boundaries. My whole life I’ve been worried about if my music is “too weird”, or it’s not what people will like, and I’ve kind of just thrown that judgment out of the window and created something that’s purely me and not cared about what people might not like about it. I’ve started using my own vocals in songs too so I’m super excited to put that next level of music out!

7 – How would you define your current direction in electronic music?

I don’t even know how I’d define my direction right now, I’ve really combined all different sorts of genres and my own ideas which I feel has created my own distinct sound. I want to continue on this path of just making whatever I want to hear and not having to be constrained by a genre.

8 – What does your home recording studio look like?

So my “studio” used to just be a computer in my dad’s office but over time as I’ve become more successful and serious about it I’ve been able to have my own space. Now my music studio is a separate building out the back where I have all my gear set up and am able to make music whenever I want. I feel very grateful to have my own space where I can work without annoying my parents!

9 – Where do you see yourself in the next 10 years?

I see myself being successful in what I want to do, either being an artist or producing for other people behind the scenes. I want to be respected and seen as somebody people can look up to so I’m committed to continually learning, improving, and being as good as I can be.

10 – What would be your #1 piece of advice for aspiring producers?

Just do it, you literally have nothing to lose besides having a couple of bad songs. The amazing thing about making music is how accessible and easy it is to get started on so just have some fun and make what YOU like!



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