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Exclusive Interview: NoVone Goes Deep On Prog House Jam “Runaway”



Runaway NoVone

Read this exclusive interview with Olle Neldemo aka NoVone if you’re into Prog House vibes. During a conversation with the Swedish music producer, he reveals the most important details behind his invigorating jam “Runaway” and so much more…

1 — Why did you go for this Progressive House approach on your latest single “Runaway”?

Well, I guess all of my productions are going a little bit towards the progressive style since I’m so in love with those kinds of songs but in this track, it is a bit more obvious. After making the melody for the track I found it natural to push the track in that direction. During the process, I got the same vibes as from an old Deadmau5 track. It was fun to make a track that is kind of different from my other ones!

2 — Who wrote the lyrics? Can you tell us the story behind those verses?

Actually, there is not so much fun to say about that… The lyrics are from a sample pack called “Laidback Trap and RnB” or something, from Laniakea!

3 — Beyond radio plays or club spins, what’s the purpose of creating this track?

A combination of both! At first, I thought it was only going to be a radio-friendly song but I’ve played it out live sometimes and it worked out great in the clubs! It is difficult not moving when you listen to it! 😉

4 —What was the hardest part of producing “Runaway”?

Definitely the sound design. Since the track is not filled with a lot of drums and heavy bassline, it was a bit challenging to make the leads and chords powerful enough to make it pop in the clubs! But I’m satisfied with the final result!

5 — Who would be the right candidate to remix this track?

Hmm, tricky question! But I think Eric Prydz would make a crazy remix!

6 — Is it true that Axwell represents the biggest influence in your career? if so, why?

It’s partly true! He is definitely one of the biggest influences and a big role model for me. Just look at his career, who can you not get influenced by that?

But I love his work, he is a genius with sound design and a great producer. I think I’ve learned a lot by trying to imitate his work.

7 — Do you remember your first ever DJ set?

Of course, it was at Swedish high school graduation when I was 17!

8 — Are you keen on touring or performing this year?

For sure! I love to play live! You will see me at Boom Boom Room in Sweden this year!

9 — Can you reveal a few details of your next release?

It will be released on the 15th of July at Soundrive Music. It’s a powerful track that will make the dancefloor go crazy!

10 — Musically speaking, is there something different you would like to try in the near future?

For now, I’m not sure if I should try something different. I’m pretty satisfied with the direction I’m going in. Both in my productions as well when I’m playing live! But I’m always open to new ideas.



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