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Exclusive Interview: Talè Reveals The Story Behind “Favours”



Exclusive Interview: Talè Reveals The Story Behind “Favours”

Get to know Talè and the story behind his newest release “Favours” in this exclusive interview. In partnership with PaypaBag Multimedia, he joined forces with South African Reggae/Dancehall artist Ras Mashi. Learn more below.

1 – Where did you get the inspiration to write your first single, “Favours”?

The lyrics of the song were inspired by a friend’s experience. His ex-girlfriend would always come back to him whenever she wanted to have a good time. He was pretty devastated by their breakup as she had already met someone who was in a better financial position than he was.

She was not getting everything that she had hoped for in the new relationship so she could not let him go and all he wanted to do was move on.

2 – Which line of the lyrics carry the deepest part of the song’s message?

“I tried to call last night, I never call you when I’m sober”. (Laugh) 😄

I feel like anyone who has been through a breakup has had one of these moments when they call or text their ex when under the influence (even though it’s often a bad idea), most of us just don’t have the confidence of doing this when we are sober.

3 – What kind of challenges did you have when producing it?

Definitely the mixing and mastering process.

I mix and master my own music so I always find different challenges for each song I do, for this particular song the challenge was getting Ras Mashi’s vocals to fit in the mix and have the same vibe as mine, it’s always difficult working with another artist especially when they are on another continent.

4 – What was it like working with South African artist Ras Mashi? How did you meet him?

Ras Mashi is a PaypaBag artist and that’s how I was connected with him.

Working with Ras Mashi has been a great experience, he is an excellent musician, even though we have not yet met, I feel like we have become family after this project.

5 – Who in the world, dead or alive, would you love to collaborate with?

Uhhh, I would have to say Burna Boy, I have been a fan since 2013.

He believes he is an African giant and so do I… (Laugh) 😄

6 – Can you tell us more about your partnership with PaypaBag?

Paypabag Multimedia is a network of artists, from different creative backgrounds, that work together to achieve a common goal. I have simply become a part of this network.

Talè Interview
7 – Why did you choose a Reggae/Dancehall beat for this debut single?

I listen to a lot of Reggae and Dancehall music, so as soon as I heard the melody on this beat I knew I had to drop some vocals on it. It’s just got that vibe that you can bounce to in a club but you can also listen to it on your own if that makes sense.

8 – What else can we expect from Talè in 2020?

Music, music and more music!

I have been producing music for just over 7 years now and because of my own insecurities and fears of being judged I haven’t put out as much music as I should have; I have had to learn to embrace the fact that my sound is completely different and there’s nothing wrong with that.

Some people will get it and some won’t. This year I feel like I have finally found myself and I am enjoying myself, so hopefully, people will get with the vibe.

I am not one dimensional so my next few singles will have a completely different sound.

9 – Do you think there’s no hit song without money?

There are plenty of hit songs out there but most of us haven’t heard them.

Getting your music heard by a wider audience without money is really difficult, just finding a radio plugger will make you go broke as a starving artist. That is why most of us are not being played on national radio.

That is also why most of the time only artists signed to major labels have hit songs; they usually have big marketing budgets for their music.

10 – Lastly, what do you hope listeners take away from hearing “Favours”?

If you are going through a breakup, remember you are not alone. That relationship didn’t work for a reason so just try to move on and find someone who treats you better. You deserve that.



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