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Exclusive Interview: Vashmere Valentine, Director of The ‘Wish and The Wisp’



Vashmere Valentine
I recently had the opportunity to talk to Vashmere Valentine about his latest fantasy film ‘Wish and The Wisp’ and much more. Definitely, this interview allows us to understand everything about this interesting project. Find out, in his own words, exclusive details never mentioned before!

1 – Thanks for taking the time to be here Vashmere, can you tell our readers who are and what you do in the industry?

Of course! My career in the film industry started years ago when I read screenplays for studios and gave feedback on scripts I felt had the potential of making great films. That position helped lead to my career as a creative consultant. And after helping to create several successful projects, I finally decided that it was time to spread my wings and write and direct my own projects.

2 – Out of all the ideas you have created over the years, what made you chose ‘The Wish And The Wisp?’

Growing up, I was always a fan of great fiction. Books like ‘Peter Pan’ & ‘Alice in Wonderland’ always peaked my interest. I feel that ‘The Wish & The Wisp’ pays homage to all great fiction of the past. It’s witty, mysterious, but also very playful and childlike. I think fans of 80’s nostalgia are going to really love this film.

3 – Where did the main character of the film ‘The Wisp’ come from?

The Wisp character actually came from my love of Dr. Seuss books. His rhyming technique and ability to tell a story while doing so inspired me to create a character that could carry the torch and introduce his work to a new audience.

4 – With so many films centered around superheroes coming out, do you think there’s still a market for fantasy films?

Yes! I think there is a huge want and need for fantasy films right now, more than ever. If you look at the success of tv shows and films like the new ‘Bright’ movie starring Will Smith, you would see that fans of fantasy and magic are desperately looking for that void to be filled. They miss fantasy and I believe that the films I plan to produce are just what they’re looking for.

5 – I noticed that the cast in ‘The Wish and The Wisp’ is filled with mostly child actors, did you find it harder to work with younger actors?

A lot of my stories are usually centered around children because I feel that audience members are more adept to letting out their inner child when they see one on screen as a protagonist. For me, I do enjoy working with child actors because they bring a strong sense of imagination to the set that the entire crew can feel.

fantasy movie
6 – I’m sure that a lot of your peers are looking forward to seeing what you do with this film. Where can they find “The Wish and The Wisp” to view it?

So far we have entered the film in a total of 34 festivals including competitions overseas. I’m pretty sure that the film will popup in a festival near everyone at some point. But we will be updating the films’ website with all our 2018 showings at

7 – What new things did you learn as a director while making this film?

I think I learned what all directors do with each project they work on, directors are nothing without their team. As I look back, I am constantly reminded that a film is a child that has been raised by a village, it never belongs to one person. Everything that you see with ‘The Wish and The Wisp’ was made possible by the crew that worked hard to bring that vision to life

8 – I heard from a close friend that you have the best ideas for remakes if you could direct a remake of any film which film would it be?

That’s a really good question! I would have to say ‘Gremlins’ and that’s only because I’ve been working on one for five years now, and I’m sure that fans would love to see our twist on the classic film. Try to manage the new “IT” movie and then double that fear!

9 – Based on the type of fantasy you write, do you feel your work would be more suited for film or television?

Both actually. I feel that some of my work would be better stretched out over a longer period of time-based on my strong Anime background. However, I also have projects that are a very high concept and would be better suited as a weekend blockbuster.

10 – Final question, what are your plans for 2018?

To be honest, I’m really looking forward to seeing how ‘The Wish and The Wisp’ does in the festival circuit. I think once producers and studios see the effect our work has on fans of fantasy films, my team will be very busy this summer creating new content for the world to see.

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