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Exclusive Premiere: Beth Crowley Unveils “Not Like This” Lyric Video



Today a new chapter begins for Beth Crowley whose artistic journey keeps evolving. People who find joy in the fictional worlds of romance novels will certainly be fond of her music. The heart-breaking ballad “Not Like This” is her latest gem which uses the richness of storytelling to express mixed feelings.

Concerns and fears about starting a relationship are common. Therefore, the thought-provoking narrative of this song is quite relatable. Without a doubt, the guitar work is simply beautiful, thus obtaining the perfect combination to her emotive vocals.

Women can always detect the unknown without being told. Whether you call it sixth sense or intuition, here the lyrics of “Not Like This” tell you a story of someone who avoids falling in love to not suffer.

Let yourself absorb the drama, the overthinking, and all the uncertainties that imply the instinctive need to step back in order to evaluate your own stability.

Beth Crowley

The singer-songwriter based in Nashville, Tennessee is widely known on YouTube and has a total of 147,000 subscribers and 51 million views. On the other hand, she’s also an advocate for mental health awareness. Indeed, she has written several songs that revolve around this vital topic.

To date, Beth Crowley has surpassed over 25 million streams on Spotify.

Personally, I can’t wait to hear more powerful compositions. The authentic way she captures complex stories and realities with her creative talent is pure gold.



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