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Experience KI/KI’s Hard Acid Techno In Her New Music Video



If you need a good dose of hard Acid Techno to get your heart racing, you need to watch KI/KI‘s latest music video for her track “5 Mins Of Acid. This female producer and DJ is making waves with her electrifying beats, and the new clip is a perfect showcase of her skills.

hard acid techno

Hard Acid Techno Classics Revival

KI/KI’s “5 Mins Of Acid” is the lead track from her EP ‘slash 010,’ and it’s everything you could want from a hard Acid Techno track. The pulsating bass lines, ethereal pads, and energetic elements will transport you to another dimension.

Moreover, it’s like a revival of those hard Acid Techno classics from the early 90s, yet it feels fresh. Not to mention, this jam has become a staple in her recent sets.

Speaking to Your Rebellious Spirit

As a matter of fact, hard Acid Techno classics were designed to speak to your rebellious spirit. The best part occurs when the layers of acidic synth tones create a sense of intrigue and discovery with each listen, like exploring an unknown territory.

Naturally, any atmosphere captures the high energy, fostering a sense of community and the coolest experiences. The revival of this musical style is fair and necessary, and I strongly believe unity will bring peace to this world.

hard acid techno classics

A Visual Ode to Ravers

On the flip side, the music video seems to be like a tribute to all the ravers who dance their hearts out. You know, those party animals at the shindigs whose wild moves bring the tunes to life.

Just by watching these visuals, it’s like you’re already part of the crew. This is due to the special vibe that only hard Acid Techno can deliver!

Clearly, “5 Mins Of Acid” is synonymous with unforgettable nights on the dance floor…



By Erick Ycaza

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