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Explore An Intriguing Post-Apocalyptic 14-Track Album, ‘The Last Days Of Everything’



post-apocalyptic album pagan interface
‘The Last Days of Everything’
is the post-apocalyptic vision of  Munich-based Producer pagan interface expressed through music. If you are open-minded enough, then I invite you to explore with me this peculiar 14-track album. In fact, for some people this material will serve as a form of “escapism”, but I’m not going to judge them. Overall, you’ll perceive a chillwave style, characterized by analog-like instrumental textures. To tell you the truth, sometimes is really necessary to forget about songs with cheesy Pop lyrics for a short while. Obviously, the alternative melodies that spread pagan interface were designed for tolerant ears. Even if these rich Electronica sounds are beautiful or relaxing, we are not exempt from little uncomfortable feelings. In conclusion, to interpret this original and intriguing album is also a complex art. Read on for a brief track-by-track review down here!

1 – Intro / Behaviour – Modified by Alcaloids Here’s where pagan interface kicks off the creative journey of the Post-Apocalypse! Despite my mind is not altered by alkaloids, I am aware there’s an Industrial influence that allow us to imagine a setting where artificial intelligence rules the world. Expect something similar to a retro dial-up Internet connection noise and glitchy synths.

2 – Vermillion (‘Atomicbald) He keeps producing calming soundscapes and providing a trippy experience with monotonous tones that seem to be taken from the far future.

3 – Offdaywars With this short track, the German producer becomes the Jonn Lenon of Electronica, by giving peace a chance, and transforming his utopic ideas into instrumentals.

4 – Just as Handsome as Your Heart Allows Me to Be If I’m not wrong, the TR-808 drum machine is what really shines from start to finish on this tune. Moreover, he displays an artistic minimal approach with the repetition technique.

5 – Cherry Blossom Glitch There’s a rockish feel to it, perhaps, the guitar riffs and the drums lead me to believe this is perhaps a futuristic rock-and-roll song.

6 – Toothless Youth  He introduces more computer generated sounds, but the vintage ones! What’s more interesting are the vibration resonances.

7 – Bohemian Electric (A Day for Drugs) It sounds like a remix for Jimmy Hendrix or Santana’s acoustic-based music. Add to this unconventional electronic beats.

8 – Pink Satin Rap Do not expect a rhyming speech this is not Rap at all. However, the bizarre background music welcomes all those rappers out there to improvise some verses!

9 – S/D/S (Sex/Drugs/Synths) In short, a piece of ambient music for a wild night, hehe… 😉 why not?

10 – Malleable New Flesh The lo-fi instrumentals sound kinda dark or creepy. Somehow, it reminds me of a classic Horror film.

11 – Dead Channels It’s surprisingly soothing, and unpredictable, but the monotonous element still persists.

12 – The Wasteland Is Burning He plays with some vocal samples that are barely audible, where drums and some other glitchy sound effects are the distracting factor.

13 – Pretty Boy Hell I like those distorted chimes and the way he creates an atmosphere of suspense. With that in mind, this cool track feels more like heaven than hell.

14 – Spacefunkprostitution Wow! what a creative way to name the last track from this album. I’m sure the oldest profession in the world will perdure even in outer space.

At this point, my mind drifted away with these non-conventional sounds. I hope you enjoyed the sonic voyage. 🚀🎵



Hi, my name is Erick Ycaza. I have a BA in Advertising & Graphic Design. This blog is to provide you with daily music news and share my personal style.

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