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Explore The Originality Behind The Anti-Pop Music Of Matte Roxx!



Matte Roxx! music
The Anti-Pop style of Matte Roxx! on ‘CHAPTER ONE: EGO DEATH!’ is indicative of thinking outside the box. In particular, his debut project features a variety of tracks that earn the merit to be associated with originality. Of course, this is largely due to a wide range of genres that intertwine each other despite sounding very different. Just as white light is made up of a range of seven colors, likewise, the melodies here include divergent rhythms such as Hip-Hop, Rap, Pop, Rock, and EDM. Best of all, Matte Roxx! is not an artist who follows trends nor labels, on the contrary, when it comes to making songs filled with emotions, he prefers spontaneity so that everything flows in a creative direction. Don’t think twice about it, press play below.

On a side note, at an early age, Matte Roxx! became a self-taught talent. For three years, ghostwriting and producing for other artists have allowed him to gain experience and new knowledge. Still and all, the real purpose of this young man is social work and helping others through his art.

If truth be told, his ultimate goal is to create an outlet for mental health and substance abuse awareness while advocating for suicide prevention. With this in mind, his intellect not only brims with authenticity but also his humanitarian vision speaks well of him. No doubt, this is exactly what needs to be replicated by other artists in our world. Together we are stronger!



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