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Exploring Anjunabeats Songs: Genix & flowanastasia – Dependent On You



Anjunabeats songs continue to evolve year after year. On this occasion, Genix and flowanastasia have come together to create a feel-good jam that effortlessly combines the joyful spirit of early-rave culture with modern dance music.

A Mix of Euphoria and Modern Production

Called “Dependent On You, it will remind you of the energy of UK rave parties from the 1990s. Likewise, “Dependent On You” demonstrates how the euphoric spirit born in the underground atmosphere decades ago still inspires today’s clubbing productions.

What’s more, my favorite part is when flowanastasia’s brilliant vocals, intertwine with the ravey synth stabs and vintage breakbeats. On the other hand, Genix‘s meticulous attention to detail is evident as he expertly crafts a sonic landscape that transports you back to the heyday of the glowstick glory days while infusing it with a fresh style.

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Looking Forward to More Amazing Anjunabeats Songs

In recent years, dance music fans have witnessed a resurgence of the old-school textures on so many chart-topping hits. Therefore, “Dependent On You” arrives at the perfect time, reflecting this revival movement/trend that we all love.

With its infectious touch and stomping drums, this great tune is tailor-made for those seeking an immersive club experience. To be honest, I’m really looking forward to experiencing additional amazing Anjunabeats songs throughout the rest of this year.

Without further ado, prepare to feel the sonic amalgam of the past and the present, certain to stir up a hunger inside you for yet more musical marvels.



By Erick Ycaza

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