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Fans Delighted By Toby Gad’s Remix Package For “Big Girls Don’t Cry”



Toby Gad
Hey guys, I just heard incredible news. The first single Toby Gad released from his ‘Piano Diaries’ album is a cover of “Big Girls Don’t Cry, featuring Victoria Justice singing! In addition, the remixes are ideal for those nights dancing under the stars with friends.

Over the years, I’ve revisited Toby Gad’s discography and it never ceases to amaze me that he’s the creative force behind some of John Legend, Beyoncé, and Madonna’s hits. To be responsible for songs that stir up such universal feelings and stay in our hearts is actually admirable.

Today, Toby Gad showcases his versatility as an artist with a remix package for “Big Girls Don’t Cry,” which proves to be incredibly diverse when you listen to it. In fact, he’s like a chameleon in the studio, capable of shape-shifting between various styles to cater to your music tastes.

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Certainly, I can picture his loyal fans getting down with fervor to its Euphoric mix. And the Workout mix will no doubt fuel many sweaty gym sessions as you push yourself to the limits. At the end of the day, who doesn’t want a little musical motivation?

On the other hand, the Moab House mix incites you to lose yourself on the dance floor, thanks to its tribal-esque drum beats and soul-penetrating bass. However, in my opinion, the Bachata mix becomes an instant favorite as it transports you to a tropical paradise through its sultry rhythms.

Without question, the entire material is pure joy, as Toby Gad’s innovation knows no bounds.



By Erick Ycaza

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