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Feathered Friend Releases New EP, Shares Remix



Feathered Friend Releases New EP, Shares Remix
Feathered Friend
’s musical journey is still very much at the humble early stages, but the process of releasing ‘The Blood In My Fingers’ has taught Robin a lot about the patience and maturity needed to release quality music.

Starting his journey as Noveau Rouge , he found himself making the same mistakes all up and coming producers make. Namely, following and emulating his idols. Of course after time he found he was getting better at it, with flattering comparisons to Ryan Hemsworth and Cashmere Cat supporting his development. But he knew that in order to really stand out, he would have to develop his own sound. So with a change of name and a change of mind-set, ‘The Blood In My Fingers’ was created.

Drawing on influences from the new wave of Future RNB and citing artists such as Partynextdoor, Dpat and the back catalogue of the label Soulection. Feathered Friend felt he had finally produced something that represented where he wanted to be. The release process however, was not smooth. With the original Chinese label running out of funding at the last minute and many E-mails to Asia and America trying to work out a vocal recording, it looked like the track might never see the light of day. But eventually, Robin ended up with a full vocal and a stunning remix by an artist he already admired.

The Blood In My Fingers’ strikes you immediately with a sombre sense of the ethereal. Crackly, Lo-Fi breakdowns consist of vintage Piano chords with an emotive and spacey vocal hook underlying the feeling throughout the track. You can undoubtedly hear the artist’s influences throughout the palette of sounds, but in contrast the track leans more towards a new-wave, chilled corner of the electronica spectrum.

StarRo then delivers a beautiful take on the track, with a much clearer dancefloor appeal. Developing on Feathered Friend’s idea and involving a stuttered drum pattern with a dominant snare, the track would be equally at home in a system or on the beach. StarRo’s inclusion of exquisite pitched vocal’s and soft, slow attach synth chords have already made it a favourite with Majestic Casual, as it surely will many others in the coming months.

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