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Featured Electronic Musician: Marc Rivas aka ‘MDR’



Featured Electronic Musician: MDR
Marc Rivas aka MDR = Dubstep/Trap Music

Marc Rivas was born and raised in Northern California but he moved to the Bay Area in 2011. His background in music began in middle school, playing guitar in metal bands with his friends. In the process of promoting and recording demos, he grew a passion for digital audio. Recording death metal demos and producing hip hop beats through out high school. He then started studying audio for visual media in the Silicon Valley. During that time he would party in the bay area and went to his first electronic music shows… Only having known of electronic music as hip hop and rave house music, MDR was first exposed to heavier styles like dubstep in the bay area. Then immediately he knew he wanted to devote himself to this music. He felt a lot of similarities between dubstep and the more aggressive genres that he was used to like metal and heavy hip hop. MDR started producing and DJing some clubs with his friends around in San Jose, and San Francisco. With his music he tries to combine a good amount of energy while keeping style as main focus. Exploring new sounds and mixing possibilities is a always growing passion for him.


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Instagram – @MDR_MARC_RIVAS

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