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Feel House Music More Intensely! “Nobody But Me” By Marvin Acosta



Marvin Acosta
With an energetic style and diva-sized vocals from Leela D, Chicago-based producer Marvin Acosta delights you with “Nobody But Me.Your intense love for House music will never die as this banger is here to reaffirm it. The new single shows the artist’s incredible dynamism by combining Future House in the company of old-school elements of the genre.

Somehow, it creates the right atmosphere to make you feel empowered on the dancefloor. Plus, it’s impossible not to try to sing along while listening to catchy hooks, constant drops, and passionate lyrics. Really awesome stuff.

Check it out below via Spotify.

Dipping his toes into the House realm, Marvin Acosta unveiled for the first time the spontaneous quality of his tracks through the debut of “Finally Free. In a matter of days, it was hitting high streams across multiple digital platforms. An absolutely important achievement that speaks a lot for a newcomer like him. Of course, there’s more to come, and “Nobody But Me” is another goal to break.

Despite taking inspiration from Frankie Knuckles, EDX, and Oliver Helden, Marvin preserves his own essence. As noted above, you can tell he’s already making big waves thanks to his heart-pounding bass and driving groove.

So, whether you feeling like dancing, working out, or just want a good vibe, then this is the perfect jam.



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